Between You Me and Us

What are the rules for dating a widower, anyway?

When Amara sees her ex-love at a wedding, picking up where they left off four years ago becomes a minefield of sizzling chemistry, painful memories, and endless mysteries. All is not what it seems with this slightly untethered, still-reeling widower.

They’ve been here before, and she wonders where, or if, she fits into his life. Is she a hot, over-analytical mess, or is there something bigger behind Jake’s hesitation? Amara must decide if she can accept a not-quite-perfect future with Jake, or will she bolt, possibly repeating the worst mistake of her life?

Some memories are lost forever...
A devastating loss. A faded photo. A fateful meeting.

When Savannah, a teenage girl from Oregon, ends up in Dr. Aiden Hamilton’s emergency room, he experiences déjà vu, picturing the woman he once loved and the child he never knew. The meeting stirs memories of his own troubled childhood … memories of a devastating loss and deep secrets he’s kept hidden even from his closest friends.

Ever since the death of her adoptive mother, Savannah has been on a mission to find the woman who gave her away at birth, aided only by the faded photo that was tucked inside her baby blanket. She never dreamed the ill-fated ending to a school trip to Chicago, thousands of miles away from her home town, might set her on the right path.

However finding the answers and connections she seeks includes unforeseen complications and heartache. When she digs into the past, she learns nothing is simple when it comes to love, loss, and family.


What would you sacrifice for love?
A wedding… Two exes… What could go wrong?

All promises come at a cost, and Aiden has made many he cannot break. Especially the one made to a man on his deathbed. Take care of our Savannah. Now he must learn to parent a teenage daughter he barely knows… without the benefit of the woman he loves. Once he navigates the two weekends at his best friend’s wedding, he intends to embrace the future. Without Emily.

Emily may have regrets, but she also has a career and life in Chicago and refuses to pursue a man to another state, no matter how perfect he seems. After watching the implosion of relationships around her, she’s learned the art of self-preservation. If she could avoid Aiden, life would be so much easier, but first she has to get through her bridesmaid’s duties in her friend’s wedding. One where her ex-boyfriend is the best man and his ex-wife is the maid of honor.

Both vow to be on their best behavior to avoid ruining their friends’ extravagant dream wedding. But saying that final might be harder than they imagined.

What would you sacrifice for love?

When your world turns upside down...
Summer at the beach house. Alex’s favorite season and place. Except this year, nothing seems right.

As Alexis struggles to manage their young son, her husband, Joel, spends an increasing amount of time away, commuting to his law office in Chicago, pursuing his dream of a partnership and a better life for their family. Or so she believes, until she discovers a series of texts exchanged with his ex-girlfriend.

Joel faces his own hurdles. His office becomes an escape from the demands of his wife and toddler, but mostly from the burden of guilt he carries after the near-death of his closest friend. Nobody understands or sympathizes with his pain besides Crystal. She has become his confidant and biggest supporter during these troubled times.

As their relationship crumbles, Alexis and Joel must fight for forgiveness, for understanding, for their family, and for their marriage. Will their love be enough?

When your world turns upside down… How do you make it right?

Unspoken words are sometimes the most painful...
Unspoken words are sometimes the most painful…

Tumultuous and unpredictable. The very essence of Savannah’s life from the day she learned she was adopted. Her journey of self-discovery continues as she begins her first year of college and faces a series of difficult decisions regarding the woman she once hoped to know.

Regrets and devastation. The overwhelming emotions Tiffany faces daily since the loss of her daughter and her own betrayal of the man she loves. As she struggles with her inner demons, she realizes she’s sacrificed far too much to make everyone happy. Everyone but herself, that is.The road to happiness is filled with insurmountable obstacles, yet hope can sometimes be found in unexpected times and places.

Three deceptively simple little words...
Three deceptively simple little words… 

Three simple words. Words Savannah longs to say, but doesn’t dare. She’s made that mistake once already, at great risk to her fragile heart. Brandon seems perfect; the attractive, driven, medical resident with a bright shining future. But nobody is truly perfect, and the rough edges and his reluctance begin to show. Hold on? Or cut him loose? Savannah is torn between the messages from her heart and the logic ruling her head.

Three little words. Words Brandon vows to hold in his heart for that someone special. He’s never said them; not to anyone. His imperfect home life has taught him the value of caution. He has issues, and he knows it. But a chance meeting with Savannah may just force him to confront them. This young woman might be his perfect fit; if he’d met her five years in the future.

Their future seems uncertain, but fate intervenes, drawing them closer together. Hard choice arise. Or are they choices at all? Repeat the past? Or break the cycle? 

Three deceptively simple little words. They just might be everything we dream.
Do you believe in second chances?
Do you believe in second chances? 

After three years overseas, Aiden Hamilton returns to Chicago. During his absence, he thought often of his teenage love, Tiffany, and longs to rekindle their relationship. Except he faces two major hurdles—his acceptance into medical school in another state, and the continued efforts of their families to keep them apart.

Tiffany Baxter has spent the last three years of her life doing her best to remain invisible to her unsupportive parents. The events of her teenage years have created deep emotional scars, and despite the sporadic and secret contact from Aiden, she assumes he is lost to her forever.

Each have struggled to accept the circumstances that separated them. Both want to move on, yet overcoming the obstacles seems to be impossible. Whenever they manage to find their way back to each other, inevitably they are torn apart.

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