Between You Me & Us

An ex-boyfriend. A recent tragedy. A long-distance love affair.

When Amara sees ex-boyfriend Jake at a wedding, she finds him as irresistible as she remembers. Yet, he’s married and off-limits, even if she’s finally ready to commit to a serious relationship. She resolves to keep her distance and ignore the confusion and regret raging through her, repeating two simple mantras; I’m the one who left. I must allow Jake his happiness.

However, not all is as she expects. When Amara learns the realities of his life as a recent widower, followed by an ill-conceived night spent in Jake’s bed, the situation becomes fraught with emotions. Unresolved feelings still burn between them, and this time, Jake won’t let her go so easily. After their awkward goodbye at the wedding, Jake offers of a fresh start and a chance to fix what went wrong four years ago.

Amara is falling in love with Jake all over again, but she senses something bigger behind his overture, a hesitation that won’t allow her all the way into his life. Is she being her usual over-analytical self, or will this man break her heart for the second time?

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About Kate Smith

A World of Second Chances

Kate is a Canadian author who loves sharing her tales of love, loss, and second chances. Her stories involve family dynamics with a focus on strong female characters.

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Front cover of Before You Me & Us

Before You Me & Us

Kate Smith

After You Me & Us

Kate Smith
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