Never Let You Fall


What about us? The question looms in Alex’s mind. She remains patient during her husband’s long hours at the office as he works toward a law partnership, but her discovery of Joel’s involvement with party-girl Crystal feels like a betrayal even if he insists ‘nothing happened’. Her view of her husband is forever altered and she questions the future of their marriage.  

I’ve done nothing wrong… The thought races through Joel’s head when his wife finds the numerous texts from his ex-girlfriend. His world crumbles as he faces the repercussions of spending too much time away from his wife and young son, and a near-death sailing misadventure. Not to mention the growing animosity between not only him and Alexis, but with his closest friends.

Joel and Alexis struggle with their roles as new parents and the inevitable changes in their relationship. Is their love is enough to sustain them through the turmoil?

When your world turns upside down… How do you make it right?